Neighbours' Day: it's the 29th of May!

A simple and convivial party

A little reminder about the organisation of Neighbours' Day ... All you have to do is inform your neighbours and decide on the meeting place. For city dwellers, the party can take place in an apartment, in the courtyard of the building, or even in the street. In rural or suburban areas, the neighbours' party can take place in a garden, like a giant picnic.

On the day of the party, everyone participates by bringing something to eat or drink. It's an opportunity to taste a speciality that you love, a little dish that you do well! There is no need for gastronomic prowess, the main thing is to focus on conviviality.

OROCBAT accompanies you for this festive moment! What could be simpler than making your neighbours discover veal axoa or Basque chicken?! For a tasty starter, we propose the Basque pâté with spicy and the Basque pâté with porcini mushrooms ...

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