Our company is located in rural areas as close as possible to the supply areas. Located on a 15,000 m2 site, our premises cover a total surface area of 2,885 m2 and benefit from modern facilities and tools, regularly renewed and meeting the strictest standards.

Our presence thus contributes to the development of a local production activity and a vital source of employment in rural areas. This is an important asset that is part of our Sustainable Development strategy.

Since our creation, we have been able to preserve and enhance the quality and richness of a terroir that enjoys a strong reputation.

For authentic traditional Basque products, we make commitments:

  • The choice of quality regional products: Southwestern Farmer Pork, Southwestern Fatty Duck, Aquitaine Veal,... .. .;

  • The guarantee of product quality by combining the craftsman's actions with techniques and an environment that meet the most stringent requirements in terms of quality, hygiene and food safety;

  • A 100% Frenchized production carried out entirely in our factory;

  • Products cooked "as if at home", with patience, for the greatest respect for flavours and the search for the perfect balance;

  • The will to innovate constantly to offer new products and meet consumer expectations and new trends;

  • A responsive team thanks to an optimal organization and the integration of digital technology into its daily life.