Rallye of Cimes in Mauléon : from 01 to 03 September !

Pure adventure

The Rallye of Cimes is: "A car race in the mountains, reserved for all-terrain vehicles, in Soule in the Basque Country".

With its stream of anecdotes, heroes and legends, since 1951, the Rallye des Cimes has commanded so much respect from the world of motor sport, the public and the press, that it has used up all the headlines and superlatives.

The off-road has its own myth. More than 60 years ago, it was born in the mind of Sauveur Bouchet, whose only aim was to develop, to open up, to open this valley. But also to take the train towards post-war reconstruction and development.

Indissociable from its native Soule, inimitable in its route, unique in its spirit, the Rallye des Cimes cannot be explained, it has to be experienced!

After having been the test bed for off-road manufacturers, after having won a first bet and contributed to the development of the Pyrenees, the Rallye des Cimes must take up the challenge of new technologies linked to the automobile.

The Rallye des Cimes evolves in a privileged setting, it must remain an adventure, pure and hard...

For enthusiasts and lovers of vintage cars, participants' vehicles can be seen at the administrative and technical scrutineering stages, as well as at the lunch and evening meals in the stage towns. The special feature of Cimes l'Historique is that, as a car rally, the route is kept secret until the moment of departure. Only the convoy leaders know the day's programme. Only the stage towns are announced.

In 2023: 3 stages and 3 provinces: Soule, Basse Navarre, Labourd. 12 convoys of around ten vehicles supervised by members of the Écurie des Cimes. Jeeps and buggies, of course, but that's not all! Separate circuits, young and old, a blessing, sharing, good humour and some great stories.