The 64th edition of the Rallye des Cimes will take place!

This 64th edition will be a bit special! The health situation has caused the cancellation of the activities such as singing, dancing, pelota, Basque strength ... no village festival ! But the rally, well supervised with the respect of barrier gestures, has been authorized.

Let's not lose sight of the fact that we have been given a chance to meet up around the Rallye des Cimes. The race is far from over, but today, together, we can win a stage.

So, like any team that wants to win the Cimes, let's put all the chances on our side.

Let's enjoy together the show, the scenery, the pleasure of getting together. Let's respect the territories crossed, let's respect the animals, let's respect the volunteers, let's respect ourselves, let's respect the stewards.

Here is the programme:


  • 8h00 - 12h20: Technical and administrative checks, Place des allées in Mauléon
  • 14.24: ES 1 Sohüta
  • 15h38: ES 2 Espes - Mauléon


  • 9.35 am: ES 3 Hegixuria 1
  • 10:31: ES 4 Mehatze 1
  • 12:32 : ES 5 Occabe
  • 13:29: ES 6 Hegixuria 2
  • 14:55: ES 7 Mehatze 2


  • 7.51 am: ES 8 Inchourist
  • 8.29 am: ES 9 Three Cities - Madeleine
  • 11.30 am: Prize-giving ceremony on the Place de Tardets.

A good rally to all!