The Panaché

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The Panaché: a lot to discover our 4 historical products! It consists of 4 tins of 65g each: pure pork Basque pâté, spicy Basque pâté, green pepper Basque pâté and four spice Basque pâté. To discover each of these products, click on the name of the corresponding pâté:

Basque Pâté pure Pork 65 g

Basque Pâté Spicy 65 g

Basque Pâté with Green Pepper 65g

Basque Pâté with Four Spices 65g

Preparation tips

This assortment of pâtés allows you to taste 4 new flavours. They are appreciated in all circumstances: as a starter, as an aperitif on toast or as a sandwich for your snacks. To be eaten fresh and kept in a cool place after opening. Consume within 72 hours

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The Panaché

The Panaché