Mauléon festivals: from 26 to 28 July!

When it comes to the festive season, there's always singing in the Basque Country! So here's the story behind a song that's very familiar to us...

The famous Mauléon festival song was created in the 1950s as part of a competition organised by the Lyre Mauléonnaise. Its author, Pierre Bordaçarre, a peasant poet from Trois-Villes, known in the Basque country as Etxahun Iruri, was one of the most talented and popular contemporary songwriters.

The national reputation of the "Fêtes de Mauléon" began in 1971, when Jacques Chancel, who was preparing his television programme "Le grand échiquier", heard the song over the telephone, thanks to two friends (J. Salet and A. Toulet).

Immediately won over, he booked the group for the programme, which was recorded in January 1972 at the Moulin d'Ogeu, in the presence of Georges Brassens, who had come specially from Paris.

From then on, the audience for the Fêtes de Mauléon spread to all the rugby stadiums in France, Navarre and abroad, and especially to the particularly lively third halves.

And what if we sang it?

To the smallest corner of Navarre
Soule and even Labourd
We tell you about Mauléon-Licharre
With envy and lots of love
Of Mauléon, of its superb festivals
So lively, so full of spirit
Of its pretty soule alleys
And its beautiful Souletin folklore

Refrain :

Farandoles that fly away, blazing in the fires of Saint John's Day
Pretty girls sparkling in the arms of their beloved gallant
Cavalcades, serenades of irrintzinas and songs
Nights of intoxication, of joy, all this is the Mauléon festivities.

Take a look at their programme

You'll tell me if it's really beautiful
You'll find, ladies and gentlemen
The eternal horse race
Splendid pelota games
And a selection of Soulet dancers
Fandango, dans' du verre, gavotte
All in the spirit of good friends

In the evening, there's a general hullabaloo
From the old bridge to the depths of the plachot
You have to see how our "Maritxu" and
Our "Maritxu" and our "Ramuntxo
The spirited shepherds of our mountains
And the youth of the area
Have deserted the countryside this evening
To sample the festivities of Mauléon

Come and spend a convivial moment during the festivities and stop off at our shop in Viodos (at the entrance to Mauléon coming from Bayonne, Sauveterre and Saint Palais). We'll be delighted to help you discover the flavours of our Basque region!

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