ZOOM on the job of Manufacturing Operator at OROCBAT

We interviewed Anthony MONTANE, Manufacturing Operator, to find out more about his job at OROCBAT and perhaps inspire some new vocations...


What was your background for this position? Anthony Opérateur de Fabrication

"At the age of 18, I joined OROCBAT as an apprentice as part of my BTS in Food Science and Technology. At the end, I got my first permanent contract! "

What are your missions?

"After 7 years in the business, I'm lucky enough to have a multi-skilled job working at different points in the production chain.

I receive the raw materials, make andouilles, boudins, pâtés, rillettes, ready meals, etc., trim the hams, slice the pâtés to create the trays and finally vacuum pack them.

And if necessary, I replace Jean-Michel, our workshop manager! "

What do you find satisfying in your work?

"I love my job: making charcuterie! My greatest satisfaction is to obtain quality products. "

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