P.D.O. Espelette pepper powder

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Originating in the West Indies, this variety of chilli was introduced to the Basque Country in the 16th century by a Spanish navigator. The Espelette chilli pepper is characterised by fruity and/or roasted aromas which combine with a non-burning spiciness that gradually expresses itself on the palate. Its incomparable fragrance has made it famous on all the great tables. Product without colouring or preservatives.

Preparation tips

Espelette pepper replaces pepper in your kitchen to spice up your dishes, season your grilled meats, accompany your foie gras, etc. Store in a dry place, away from air and light.


100% PDO Espelette pepper powder 

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P.D.O. Espelette pepper powder

P.D.O. Espelette pepper powder